Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best wishes to all, and we're back from the hinterlands!

Hello all!
We hope you have all had a wonderful holiday, we've been thinking of everyone at home, and also all of the folks that we've met on the road and hope that you're all healthy and happy! I've been working on a long update post but wanted to share a little something instead of waiting to finish it! We're in San Francisco at the moment, about to experience the wonders of the city and also see some friends. We were in Kings Canyaon National Park for about a week, and then down by the coast in Big Sur! Now onward and upwards to our next adventure. We've met some of the greatest people in the past two weeks, can't wait to share. We've had no internet during this period of time, so we at least have a small excuse for not being in touch!

On a side note, my hopes for adding pictures all of the time has been really difficult to accomplish I'm afraid. Our internet connection, and those of the places where we've stopped to use external internet have made it virtually impossible to get enough umph in the speed of the computer to upload even a single photo. This is a real dissapointment for me, but I do keep trying. Just wanted to say hello and say we haven't forgotten about our little online forum for keeping track of our travels.
Till later on,