Thursday, January 5, 2012

Up the coast we go

Seals in Monterey sliding into the water!

Hello all, we're up in Fort Bragg California right now headed up the coast to see some more big Redwoods.
In the past weeks we have....
Made some wonderful new friends thanks to the Kirk Creek Campground in Big Sur, we can't wait to visit with you all, you know who you are! We've gotten invited over for dinner by our generous host Carol in Monterey. Visited with sea lions and dolphins. We've seen elk, and huge waves, and redwood country. Tasted delicious beer from the Russian River Brewing Company(thanks Peter and Rachel for the most excellent suggestions) and visited with friends in San Francisco. We've seen the Golden Gate bridge and had the most delicious mexican food and coffee, and seen huge alleyway murals.
Jellyfish at the Monterey Aquarium

We've met other campers and traveling musicians and the lovely wild sort. I've read way to many maps and descriptions of campgrounds that my brain hurts. We're a little more caught up on the news from some great radio stations in Fort Bragg, and a little more well fed than when we arrived. We've been to Monterey, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and Fort Bragg. Thanks to Sierra and Tom for putting us up in San Francisco, and showing us great food and a good time, and a most fabulous driving tour and bi coastal experience. Thank you to the lovely Annette for showing us around and sharing some great city history and ice cream while we were in town as well. We're having a blast and trying to soak up all our experiences on behalf of those not on this trip with us!
Golden Gate Bridge New Years Eve
 Patrick and Emma at Point Reyes National Seashore

Just to let you all know too, if and when we have the ability, I will be adding pictures to previous posts, so check back sometime if you get the chance to old history, and there might be a little extra something from some of our previous travels. Hope you all had a great holiday time and New Years. We spent Christmas on the sunny cliffs of Big Sur, and New Years checking ou the beautiful seashore of Point Reyes.
Till next time,