Saturday, November 19, 2011

Departure Day

On our leaving day yesterday we woke to clear skies and cold toes on the stone next to the woodstove. We had a busy morning packing up a few things and putting the inside of the camper back together with curtains and bedding. My father and Pat were up late into the night finishing a door and a bunch of odds and ends. Pat spent time blow drying wet spots from the rain earlier in the day so that some final leaks could be caulked and cured. Let’s hope this ailment stops for this writer’s sanity.

We made sure to grab a couple bites of apple crisp that I had made the night before, and we said our goodbyes with photos and hugs and last minute advice. I got in a good runabout with Maude the dog as is our customary way of saying goodbye.  

There was one more stop off point to do a little welding before actually leaving…

Adding Jack Plates to frame

On our first day’s drive with the Scamp we received wondrous glances from a little girl staring out the window driving by us on the Tappan Zee bridge, and a very enthusiastic thumbs up from another driver who we’d like to think also owns a Scamp, or is perhaps just a very friendly driver which would be even better.

the Tappan Zee

The drive to New Jersey was slow yet oddly entertaining. Friday night on the Tappan Zee is not like driving the Autobahn, but it is like a slow motion picture including every kind of person and vehicle you can think of. From the man riding in the back of the pickup down the Garden State Parkway that we nearly mistook for a garbage bag, to the rest stop bathroom scale decorated with a colorful Mother Mary we had an entertaining ride listening to good NYC radio.

We’d both like to thank our family and friends for the encouragement and enthusiasm we’ve received. Lots of people have already given us some great connections of people to visit and places to see. So with generously donated time, snacks, handmade curtains, and lots of help, advice, and hours into projects, we’re steadily on our way now.  To our traveling comrades we salute you. Whether you’ve done it or wish to, this trip is for you!

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