Thursday, November 17, 2011

"When are you leaving?"

I'm not usually one to ask on car rides in the ubiquitous whiney voice "Are we there yet?" Instead this past week has turned into "Are we ready yet?"  Are we packed? Does the camper have levelling blocks? Do we have trailmix! Since buying the camper Pat and I have discovered many new skills such as fiberglass repair, and then all the way over to learning about waste water tanks and boat toilets! Some of these things have been more enjoyable than others, and during the whole process we've reached points of frustration, and at other points it's been very exciting to see things getting done. 

We've spent a lot of time learning about how the whole trailer is put together and what parts and peices have needed replacing. My father has built some very nice looking additions including a little hatch door, a shelf and a replacement cabinet door. Our good friend Lori created some lovely curtains for us last week which has made it look really beautiful inside. We've repainted a large section of the body, rehung the door,  along with so many other little odds and ends.
     So after all the discussion and decision making, the actual items on the list getting crossed off, now we're itching to go. But the tasks keep piling up, and frankly so do the leaks!  What is that phenomenon anyway? Rainism? Permaleak? The driving rain last night sent water in through several rivets and onto the floor and window. We've tried correcting the problem but apparently not to the degree needed. We realize this is probably worth a good chuckle if you're sitting on the outside, so let it all out, we won't mind.
 A test in patience for the both of us that will hopefully help in the future, and make the difficulties of the trip itself, seem more insignificant. So here's to hoping that it all goes well and in the next couple of days too.

Here is our theme song at the moment...

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